•  Discover your inner Self as the vehicle of healing and transformation

  • De-mystify and target specific psychological issues you want resolved

  • Experience deep emotional healing by accessing your hidden, vulnerable parts 

  • Transform parts of you that feel "stuck" or burdened into inner resources of love, inspiration and freedom 

Tom Rosasco
Get Inspired by This Story of Transformation

          Working with Joanna has been the most liberating experience of my life. Of all the personal work I've done, this has been the most healing, revealing, and liberating. Joanna is truly a gifted, compassionate healer- the kind that empowered me to be my greatest healer in ways I never dreamt possible.  I will be forever grateful.

                  - Tom Rosasco

About Joanna

Joanna Friedlander is passionate about facilitating deep healing and empowerment for her clients. Her compassionate nature and experience as an IFS practitioner create a safe and promising space for nurturing profound growth and inner transformation. She has been formally trained in the Internal Family Systems model.

Be advised Joanna is NOT a licensed mental health therapist.  If you have been diagnosed with a mental health disorder, please take this into consideration.