About me and why I do this work

I am Joanna Friedlander, and I came to this work humbly and earnestly. I discovered first I believed in love...that "Love is the most powerful healing force in the universe, and we are all worthy of it."


Yet, even with this beautiful belief, I spent years in disparaging relationships and found myself hiding from the world.  I came to realize I held another belief inside of equal power that prevented me from feeling the peace inside I so desperately wanted.  


I believed somehow that I was unworthy of Love.  That no matter what I did- or didn't do- I was never good enough or always did something wrong to warrant me not getting the love I yearned for so desperately. "Why do I feel this way? What could I have possibly done to make me deserve this? Why must I live like this?"


Finding IFS changed my life


I met this internal strife with a love I never realized I could give myself- I became determined to heal.  I was worthy of this healing- we all are.  A new mantra ensued,"There must be a way to heal this"...and that is when IFS landed on my doorstep.


Now, I am a holistic therapist offering to others a journey which was immeasurably healing for myself- the journey of releasing painful wounds and discovering, loving and accepting who you truly are. A journey of reweaving your inner landscape and creating wholeness.

Joanna Friedlander