Individual IFS Sessions

Get individualized therapy for the most direct and powerful pathway to healing. These sessions provide the backbone and focus to guide you towards transformation and inner freedom.

IFS Session

Learn, Expand and Heal within a Supportive Family
IFS Training Course

Online or In person

IFS Group

Much like level one IFS training, this empowering course is designed to teach you the model and  provide hands-on experience.  You will have multiple opportunities to do live sessions on others, where the healing process can be paused, questions are welcomed, and patient and knowledgeable feedback received. 

While practicing on others, you will also have the chance to do your own inner work, and experience the support of the community forged throughout your time together.

These courses are also useful for people who are working with an IFS therapist or practitioner because they increase your ability to use the model on yourself between sessions. 

Healing through Self- Compassion: 
An Introduction to IFS 
In this event you will learn:

• The core principles behind the IFS model and how to use this understanding to consistently connect to your higher "Authentic Self," your core state of compassion, confidence, and curiosity.

• How to view ALL the parts of yourself (even the ones you might not like!) with curiosity and compassion.

This introduction will consist of a teaching and a demonstration. There will be some opportunity for group participation as well.